Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Support Science

This Saturday I will be participating in the March for Science in my city. The organizers chose Earth day because scientists have raised concerns about climate change. Opinions are not facts. Science provides facts by studying the natural world and sharing the data.

Having a large turn-out for the march will show support for our scientific community. Scientists have made huge contributions to our modern lives. Science gave us the internet, computers and smartphones. Scientists developed treatments for disease and their work continues to protect our health. Science changes the world.

We all need to speak up in a constructive and peaceful way. Marching lets your representatives know that you support evidence-based policies. This Saturday you have an opportunity to be part of the movement. 

Tips for marchers:

• Make a creative sign with a positive message.
• Wear comfortable shoes.
• Put on sunscreen before you go. 
• Wear sunglasses and a hat. 
• Bring a bottle of water and snacks.

Being part of a march is amazing. Don't miss it.

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