Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Explanation of MSW finalists glitch

Stardoll support has supplied a reasonable explanation concerning the display of MSW contenders shown at the Underneath Stardoll blog.

"The dolls listed in the link you obtained had the most votes when that part of our admin system was last updated. That is no guarantee for a spot in the finals, and it does not mean that the competition is rigged in any way."

This is what happened:

I was contacted by a concerned doll about what she thought was a problem. There was a link at the blog that seemed to reveal the winners of MSW before voting ended. It showed a interactive display, some sort of javascript that linked to a module of the Stardoll site. This link was created to show the finalists during the 2012 campaign, but somehow it was displaying content for the 2014 MSW competition.

I posted in this blog about it.

Then I got a note from Stardoll. They were concerned that my post was misleading. I took down the post while we communicated about this problem. My contact at Stardoll said "we don't want anyone to get their hopes up or to think that the competition is unfair."

We are all acquainted with glitches. It is clear that Stardoll did not intend anyone to see this interactive display. Yesterday the admin at Underneath Stardoll removed that post, including the javascript module.

I am satisfied with the explanation. I hope you agree. It's nice to know that someone at Stardoll is enjoying my blog.

This is what the interactive display at USD looked like.