Friday, September 5, 2014

Profile of a cheater: Sasasee

Some dolls are openly cheating. I guess they do this because there are no consequences for cheating. It seems as if cheating is not against the rules. I am sick of this, so let me explain what cheaters are doing by showing one specific example.

SASASEE is a cheater, one of the first to duplicate wigs. Here is a screenshot taken last year showing her bazaar full of designs she stole from others. Note that these designs only cost her 2 stardollars. Not only does she have a way to duplicate the designs of others, but it appears that she spent a lot less for these designs than the original designer, so she makes a bigger profit. This enables her to undercut the original designer's prices.

She was also one of the dolls who showed up with eye colors not offered in the beauty parlor. Her behavior has been suspicious for over a year. I took this screenshot of her in her beauty parlor in November 2013. And I sent an email to support asking them to investigate.

She has also put interiors up for sale in her bazaar. Again, most members cannot do this. Only cheaters. Same with lipsticks and nail polish. Her doll was deleted, but now she is back.

One day, she had nothing to sell in her bazaar. Well, it looked like nothing. It cost her nothing, but she was selling it for 600 Stardollars.

I was wondering if this was a hack to move stardollars from one of her other accounts. And I wonder if this trick enabled her not to pay Stardoll a percentage.

Today, September 5, 2014 she ran 12 pages of consecutive broadcasts. I have been broadcasting, and I have to set each one up individually. It seems like cheaters have another way. It makes me wonder if part of the cheat is that she does not pay for the broadcasts.

Her broadcast message said she was selling a wig for just 1 Stardollar, but it was a trick. Anyone who tried to buy the wig got an error message. I'm pretty sure this was a ploy to get dolls on her page. I bet many of them voted for her.

I find that this infuriating.

There is not much I can do about it. I have written to Stardoll about her and sent screenshots, beginning in November 2013. I sent another message today with screenshots and my analysis of what is going on. I asked them to reconsider their policy of letting cheaters do anything they want on Stardoll.

Do not go to her page to say bad things directly to her. That might be construed as bullying.

If you want to vote for Miss Stardoll World, only vote for members you know. Otherwise, you may be voting for a cheater.

I am just reporting what I see.

(Update: at this time, Sasasee is no longer on Stardoll.)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Miss Stardoll World Problems

The frenzy begins.

Stick with me, I am going to start with math.

The girl who won covergirl on September 2, 2014, was a top broadcaster with 1452 broadcasts. Broadcasts cost 5 stardollars each. In the United States, I get the best deal buying 3000 Stardollars for 50 american dollars. With 3000 Stardollars I can buy 600 broadcasts. It would cost me 100 dollars American to buy 1200 broadcasts, and if I had done that, I probably still would not have won. 

(Update: Stardoll just raised the price of broadcasts to 8 Stardollars!)

The girl who won covergirl does not live in the USA. She lives somewhere else. I asked other dolls how much they pay for Stardollars, and some pay a lot less than I do. Some pay the equivalent of half as much as I do. And some pay more. This girl lives in a country where members pay a lot less for Stardollars.

Stardoll does not care about fairness. People who happen to live in certain countries, have a big advantage in the game because they can buy a lot more Stardollars for their money.

And now it is time for MSW. Dolls in countries where Stardollars are cheaper will have an advantage. Alas.

Some dolls try to win without broadcasting. The ones that annoy me the most are the ones who come to my guestbook when I am broadcasting and advertise. I do not feel I should reward this behavior. Using my guestbook as a billboard is not classy.

I will vote for anyone who leaves me a personal note, ones who seem to actually read my presentation and get an idea of what I am trying to say.

I support your dream to be MSW, but with millions of dolls competing, it is going to be rough. The odds are not in your favor.

I called my book Stardoll Cheats for several reasons. One, because new members need to know about cheats and why they do not work at Stardoll.

And then there are the members of Stardoll who spend their time cheating. They are Stardoll Cheats. The people who sell sell hundreds of items to their other accounts, back and forth, to win and stay in the top designer spots.

And there is a new group of Stardoll Cheats. The ones who use developer software to duplicate designs (especially wig designs) that were created by other designers. They are cheats as well. 

Stardoll cheats the honest members when they allow cheaters to continue to play and win on Stardoll. 

My book contains details about all the rules, safety information, stories and much more.

It would be nice if a cheater did not win MSW.

Many cheaters are rich. They make lots of stardollars selling designs all day all the time to members who have no idea that the designs are stolen, or the designer is in a top spot not because of superior creativity or from customer sales, but from cheating.

These dolls can afford to broadcast. Sometimes you will find a lot of cheaters in the top broadcaster list. 

I am only going to vote for dolls I know. Vote for me if you wish, but I would rather you buy and read my book.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Friend Request Scammers

I get several Friend Requests daily that contain a link to a scam website.

Do not visit the site, it is a scam and may contain malware.

I dropped by one such scam site, so you don't have to. You can see by the screenshots that the scammer tries to make her lies look like truth. 

Still these are some really big lies. No one should believe they can get 100,000 free Stardollars. When it sounds to good to be true, it is not true.

In case you do not know, Stardoll is a business, and everyone who is a Superstar or Royalty had to pay for it. And they have to pay for their Stardollars too.

Do not let scams like this one trick you. There is no such thing as a Stardollar Generator. It is a lie designed by con artists to steal from children.

It makes me sad and angry that some members are signing up at this site. If no one signed up, it would disappear, and the person behind it would go do something else. She spends hours every day sending Friend Requests. This tells me that this scam is making a profit.

When this started, I got Friend Requests with the scam link from new dolls. But now I am getting Friend Requests with the scam link from dolls who have starpoints, albums and stuff in their yearbooks. I am sure these are stolen dolls. No one who puts effort in their doll would do this, but the scammer will use a stolen doll that has no other value.

Play smart. Do not try a scam with a "back up" doll. The scammer will use the doll to try to scam others. Stardoll may then come to you, since you owned the doll, and you may get in trouble with your main doll if they think you are conspiring to scam others.


You can turn a negative into a positive. This is what I do. I report the doll and make sure not to block her. Then I add the new doll as a friend. I get 4 starcoins and starpoints. In the next screen I get a choice to put her into a certain group, but I just click "stop being friends." Each request is a little gift to me, on a good day I earn several starcoins with very little effort. 

Learn more about different types of scammers and con artists so you will never be tricked. Read "Stardoll Cheats: Tips for playing safe on the internet" now available as a Kindle book at Amazon.