Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cheater sends threats thru Stardesign

It seems as if the problems at Stardoll with cheaters using software programs is worse than ever.

I may be a member of Callies Crew, but I only get to see what other members of Stardoll see. And what I have observed in the last month is discouraging, disappointing and now frightening.

It seems like Stardoll does little to stop wig cloners/duplicators. I will call them dupers for the rest of this article. These are people who use Charles Proxy and similar software programs to hack Stardoll. Read my previous posts for details about these cheaters.

Dissolvedgirl has been a leader in identifying and reporting dupers. She has spent a lot of time and energy helping others. She has been relentless and vehement. And Stardoll has rewarded her by sending her a warning!

This is completely unfair. A "kill the messenger" mentality is not beneficial. Someone at Stardoll has a very poor idea of how to show appreciation to the people who are trying to help them identify and remove the cheaters and thieves.

Sometime last night (December 8, 2014) someone sent 100 wigs to the beauty parlor of Dissolvedgirl. They are all identical. Each wig has "DIE!" in bold letters over the top of the hair. Each wig cost Zero stardollars and each has a tag that says the designer is a doll named fk.you.die1.

I am not sure if Dissolvedgirl can even open her beauty parlor. I have a powerful computer and a very fast broadband connection and I had trouble getting the following screenshot.

It is very disturbing to see that someone can do this to another doll. Stardoll says our site is secure, but this looks like pretty high level hacking. And a level of anger and viciousness that would make anyone feel frightened.

I reported one of the wigs, but since it is in Dissolvedgirl 's beauty parlor, and there is a character limit on reports, I fear that someone at support will misunderstand what is going on. But from what I understand, Dissolvedgirl contacted support about this as well.

I hope they act on this soon. After they have dealt with it, maybe they can clean out all that trash so that Dissolvedgirl can use her beauty parlor.

I thought about suggesting Dissolvedgirl sell these "DIE!" wigs to all of her supporters, me included, and we wear them as a sign of solidarity, but again, we would risk the chance that someone at support would not have much of a sense of humor about that.

I have noted that having a sense of humor is sadly lacking at Stardoll. As well as a sense of fairness. What a pity.

Update: December 10, 2014. This morning the Stardoll site was down for several minutes. I got the "we are updating the site" message and I hoped they are finally doing something to stop the hackers.

After the site came back up I re-visited the beauty parlor of Dissolvedgirl, to follow up and see if the DIE! wigs were still there. I did not see them. Instead, there are new wigs, perhaps 100, I lost count. Each one is two styles stacked on top of each other, using twice as many hairs than allowed. These wigs are unwearable/unsellable. The hacker tagged each wig with the designer name ihopeyoudie2. The message is a threat: "I hope you die too." I wonder if this is the same hacker or another one. The thieves may be ganging up on Dissolvedgirl. In any case, this is unacceptable. I reported one of the wigs using the tools.

I wait to see what happens next. As for Dissolvedgirl, I admire her courage. She is not being cowed by these bullies.


  1. That would have been interesting if we created a DIE wig flash mob, but I'm on an 8 core mac pro running 10 gigs of ram & I wouldn't dare open that box lol.

    When all is said & done it's a shame these people find it necessary to do harm to others in order to get on with playing a game. I'm sorry for the kids who can't afford to play the way they want to. But I just want to say to them, if you feel you're at the point where you want to steal from others to fund your own game, maybe it's time to log off & find something else to do. This is no longer a healthy place for you to be if you're having such feelings. To take it to an even darker place with the death threats, come on, obviously you need to log off & never come back if a game is making you feel psychotic. They don't seem to consider this, but fly into a frenzy of outrage when anyone fights back. It's common sense: if you strike the first blow, you better brace yourself for the return.

    Unfortunately staff does little to deter these internet felons, I'm not sure why. As I understand other sites ban IP addresses & so forth when they have troublesome members or trolls, so I'm not really sure why this is such an issue for Stardoll…?

    Anyway, great post Maddy.. right on point! :)


  2. That is very disturbing.