Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More cloners stealing from top designers

Stardoll told members of Callies Crew that Stardoll has stopped hackers from using Charles Proxy to clone designs. This does not seem to be true, because I am still finding many cheaters peddling the creative product of designers.

Today I found two cloners who not only sell other designers products, but seem to be taking orders from people who want nice things and do not care who they support when they make a purchase. Buying from cloners is not against the rules, but is seems that there is something morally wrong about doing it knowingly.

I find that Stardoll is a moral quagmire. People cheat there all the time. Read my book "Stardoll Cheats" for a more in-depth discussion about cheating.

Back to the cloners. Dupers. People who use the debugging application Charles Proxy or other software to make exact duplicates of other dolls designs. It seems to me this is still a problem.

You can help by learning to spot cloners and reporting them. Or if you are in doubt, leave me a note in my guestbook at Stardoll and I will personally investigate and make a report if necessary.

Let me show you what I found today. There is a very popular wig design created aeynar23, who is on the top design list. The design comes in two parts, a face-framing section, and a messy bun. I bought this design from the original designer because I saw it on other dolls.

Today I recognized that same design in the bazaar of another doll, with her name on the tags, as if it were her design. This is evidence of being a duper.

Other evidence is taking orders of designs and using the original designers name. In this case, the designs of the designer _Tombstone_ are being cloned and marketed.

Look at the screenshots. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you saw these dolls, would you suspect them of being dupers?

I hope Stardoll investigates my report about these dolls and deals with them in a timely manner. And that their programmers do more to stop hackers from cheating on Stardoll.

Update November 12, 2014: These dolls have been removed.


  1. I don´t know if it is against the rules, but I report people when the right in a cloner GB that they want someone wig, I report as bulling, because is promoting an attack to someone, is inmoral and make people unconfortable, sad, etc.. (sorry for my english)

    1. This is not a good idea. I see your logic, but support may not appreciate this, and you may get a warning for abusing the report tool. It troubles me that others want to participate in what is basically a criminal enterprise, but many of them are kids, and do not understand the morality. The temptation would be removed if Stardoll would shut down dupers as soon as they appear. Instead of reporting individuals, you might do better to use the "contact us" to send a note to support and remind them that getting rid of the duper is better for the kids on the site. Mentioning the name of the duper and who they are copying is also very helpful. Thanks.