Friday, September 5, 2014

Profile of a cheater: Sasasee

Some dolls are openly cheating. I guess they do this because there are no consequences for cheating. It seems as if cheating is not against the rules. I am sick of this, so let me explain what cheaters are doing by showing one specific example.

SASASEE is a cheater, one of the first to duplicate wigs. Here is a screenshot taken last year showing her bazaar full of designs she stole from others. Note that these designs only cost her 2 stardollars. Not only does she have a way to duplicate the designs of others, but it appears that she spent a lot less for these designs than the original designer, so she makes a bigger profit. This enables her to undercut the original designer's prices.

She was also one of the dolls who showed up with eye colors not offered in the beauty parlor. Her behavior has been suspicious for over a year. I took this screenshot of her in her beauty parlor in November 2013. And I sent an email to support asking them to investigate.

She has also put interiors up for sale in her bazaar. Again, most members cannot do this. Only cheaters. Same with lipsticks and nail polish. Her doll was deleted, but now she is back.

One day, she had nothing to sell in her bazaar. Well, it looked like nothing. It cost her nothing, but she was selling it for 600 Stardollars.

I was wondering if this was a hack to move stardollars from one of her other accounts. And I wonder if this trick enabled her not to pay Stardoll a percentage.

Today, September 5, 2014 she ran 12 pages of consecutive broadcasts. I have been broadcasting, and I have to set each one up individually. It seems like cheaters have another way. It makes me wonder if part of the cheat is that she does not pay for the broadcasts.

Her broadcast message said she was selling a wig for just 1 Stardollar, but it was a trick. Anyone who tried to buy the wig got an error message. I'm pretty sure this was a ploy to get dolls on her page. I bet many of them voted for her.

I find that this infuriating.

There is not much I can do about it. I have written to Stardoll about her and sent screenshots, beginning in November 2013. I sent another message today with screenshots and my analysis of what is going on. I asked them to reconsider their policy of letting cheaters do anything they want on Stardoll.

Do not go to her page to say bad things directly to her. That might be construed as bullying.

If you want to vote for Miss Stardoll World, only vote for members you know. Otherwise, you may be voting for a cheater.

I am just reporting what I see.

(Update: at this time, Sasasee is no longer on Stardoll.)


  1. Really nice work, congratulations !! Everything also real. Excellent article !!! But the staff does nothing about it, I've written a thousand times so far I have not seen anything change the rules ... I'm sad, disappointed, saddened and disheartened. by MissMeryLu2000m

  2. It is really quite sad and one of the reasons my daughter left SD. The more I learn about SD, I see that it is not a site that promotes good values for little girls. Which is really sad, in the beginning I often would recommend it to my friends for their daughters.

    So sad really...

  3. "I asked them to reconsider their policy of letting cheaters do anything they want on Stardoll." I love this because it is their policy isn't it? They would never admit it, but it's true. It just gets more disgusting & outrageous every day. I feel especially bad for the younger members who see what the dirty players are up & then slowly it dawns on them that Stardoll isn't going to stop them! Sasasee should have been deleted long ago when she was bullying babyfacejoo by stealing her wigs nonstop for months straight. Now i's against the rules to do that, yet nothing has changed. Trying to get through to staff is like talking to a brick wall. Today this Sasasee kook ran a trick of putting up 2sd wigs in her bazaar, but when the item was bought the buyer would find their account deducted by 600sd. Pure evil if you ask me. And let me just go and check now... yep she's still there! Anyway, great post Maddy :)

  4. I had today the bad luck to know her.. I bought one of this "2sd wigs", and ges wath? they really cost 600sd... All my sd desapear, and now I have her ugly wig in my parlor for 600 sd... I don´t have any more tears to cry and no wards to explain wath I feel...
    (sorry for my english, I´m from Uruguay and we speak spanish)

    1. I think many people sent reports concerning this distressing situation to Stardoll. This morning I noticed that Sasasee was no longer on the site.

      Contact support about this cheat and let us know if you get a refund. Good luck.