Thursday, September 4, 2014

Miss Stardoll World Problems

The frenzy begins.

Stick with me, I am going to start with math.

The girl who won covergirl on September 2, 2014, was a top broadcaster with 1452 broadcasts. Broadcasts cost 5 stardollars each. In the United States, I get the best deal buying 3000 Stardollars for 50 american dollars. With 3000 Stardollars I can buy 600 broadcasts. It would cost me 100 dollars American to buy 1200 broadcasts, and if I had done that, I probably still would not have won. 

(Update: Stardoll just raised the price of broadcasts to 8 Stardollars!)

The girl who won covergirl does not live in the USA. She lives somewhere else. I asked other dolls how much they pay for Stardollars, and some pay a lot less than I do. Some pay the equivalent of half as much as I do. And some pay more. This girl lives in a country where members pay a lot less for Stardollars.

Stardoll does not care about fairness. People who happen to live in certain countries, have a big advantage in the game because they can buy a lot more Stardollars for their money.

And now it is time for MSW. Dolls in countries where Stardollars are cheaper will have an advantage. Alas.

Some dolls try to win without broadcasting. The ones that annoy me the most are the ones who come to my guestbook when I am broadcasting and advertise. I do not feel I should reward this behavior. Using my guestbook as a billboard is not classy.

I will vote for anyone who leaves me a personal note, ones who seem to actually read my presentation and get an idea of what I am trying to say.

I support your dream to be MSW, but with millions of dolls competing, it is going to be rough. The odds are not in your favor.

I called my book Stardoll Cheats for several reasons. One, because new members need to know about cheats and why they do not work at Stardoll.

And then there are the members of Stardoll who spend their time cheating. They are Stardoll Cheats. The people who sell sell hundreds of items to their other accounts, back and forth, to win and stay in the top designer spots.

And there is a new group of Stardoll Cheats. The ones who use developer software to duplicate designs (especially wig designs) that were created by other designers. They are cheats as well. 

Stardoll cheats the honest members when they allow cheaters to continue to play and win on Stardoll. 

My book contains details about all the rules, safety information, stories and much more.

It would be nice if a cheater did not win MSW.

Many cheaters are rich. They make lots of stardollars selling designs all day all the time to members who have no idea that the designs are stolen, or the designer is in a top spot not because of superior creativity or from customer sales, but from cheating.

These dolls can afford to broadcast. Sometimes you will find a lot of cheaters in the top broadcaster list. 

I am only going to vote for dolls I know. Vote for me if you wish, but I would rather you buy and read my book.

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  1. The more I read your articles more I realize that everything is true, I closed my guestbook for this reason, and as I have already said I am disappointed by how vain things on Stardoll. I've written a thousand times, but also to sdoreymenano and my best friend since 2009, do not know why nothing is done about it. I apologize for my English mediocro. I am with you as part of the reason.