Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Friend Request Scammers

I get several Friend Requests daily that contain a link to a scam website.

Do not visit the site, it is a scam and may contain malware.

I dropped by one such scam site, so you don't have to. You can see by the screenshots that the scammer tries to make her lies look like truth. 

Still these are some really big lies. No one should believe they can get 100,000 free Stardollars. When it sounds to good to be true, it is not true.

In case you do not know, Stardoll is a business, and everyone who is a Superstar or Royalty had to pay for it. And they have to pay for their Stardollars too.

Do not let scams like this one trick you. There is no such thing as a Stardollar Generator. It is a lie designed by con artists to steal from children.

It makes me sad and angry that some members are signing up at this site. If no one signed up, it would disappear, and the person behind it would go do something else. She spends hours every day sending Friend Requests. This tells me that this scam is making a profit.

When this started, I got Friend Requests with the scam link from new dolls. But now I am getting Friend Requests with the scam link from dolls who have starpoints, albums and stuff in their yearbooks. I am sure these are stolen dolls. No one who puts effort in their doll would do this, but the scammer will use a stolen doll that has no other value.

Play smart. Do not try a scam with a "back up" doll. The scammer will use the doll to try to scam others. Stardoll may then come to you, since you owned the doll, and you may get in trouble with your main doll if they think you are conspiring to scam others.


You can turn a negative into a positive. This is what I do. I report the doll and make sure not to block her. Then I add the new doll as a friend. I get 4 starcoins and starpoints. In the next screen I get a choice to put her into a certain group, but I just click "stop being friends." Each request is a little gift to me, on a good day I earn several starcoins with very little effort. 

Learn more about different types of scammers and con artists so you will never be tricked. Read "Stardoll Cheats: Tips for playing safe on the internet" now available as a Kindle book at Amazon.

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  1. Thanks, I'll take the link to this post to warn the readers of my blog, thanks again, scammers on Stardoll are a lot should only be ashamed. Sorry for my English.