Thursday, August 21, 2014

'Bella_La_Swan' and the copycat

Someone has been copying entire rooms of Bella_La_Swan's suite. It seems a shame that someone would spend so much time to do this instead of creating something original. However, copying is not against the rules at Stardoll.

(Update: Stardoll changed the rules. Since the rules may change again, visit this link to see the current version: . One of the new rules says it is strictly forbidden to copy the design of another stardoll. It does not seem likely that this rule will be applied to this particular copycat, but it is good news for designers whose Stardesign items have been cloned by cheaters.)

Note that any of your work product may be used by Stardoll with no compensation.

This person chose to copy my friend, and both my friend and I are dismayed. Many will not understand that the copier is not original and this copycat will get credit for another's creativity. 

However, there is much evidence online that Bella_La_Swan is the real deal. Watch her video and visit her suite. Some of you may want to leave her a supportive note in her guestbook. People who are this creative are sensitive. We should do all we can to support them.

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