Friday, July 5, 2013

Why external links are forbidden on Stardoll

Stardoll has a rule that members are not to post links.

"When you are at Stardoll you must NOT...
- Ask other Stardolls for personal information (or give out your own) such as (but not limited to) password, email, name on Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or similar.
- Post external links (such as photos, videos, chat rooms etc)."

I wrote for clarification and Stardoll Staff confirmed that external links means any website that is not They allowed that the only exception is that dolls may post information about their own blogs IF they are Stardoll related and contain no personal information.

Stardoll has set up the site so that no one can post a clickable link to another website. So when they say links, they really mean the URL, the address of the destination website. And Stardoll staff has gotten wise that some members try to disguise what they are doing. Some members use a tinyURL to disguise the destination while others will post what seems like incomplete information but is enough for anyone to find where to go. Stardoll considers any of these as breaking the intention of the rule.

I will explain a few kinds of links and why they are not safe. These include:
*Links to personal blogs and websites that may have personal information
**Links to images
***Links to videos
****Personal information like usernames on communication sites

I would also like to warn members that hackers use links to steal your account or gain control of your computer

This is a serious topic. Please take your safety seriously as well as the safety of others. Stardoll considers dolls that ignore and break these rules as practicing dangerous behavior.


*Links to personal blogs and websites that may have personal information

It is not safe to post links that lead to your photos or personal information. Haven't you noticed that even if you link your account to facebook Stardoll does not let users hop to your facebook page from your Stardoll page?

For their own safety, all users are supposed to remain anonymous on Stardoll. It is easy to forget that anyone can be on this website.

But even if you are anonymous to other users, you are not anonymous to Stardoll. Every time you log in your computer tells them where you are and that information is saved. It does not matter if you own more than one doll. Stardoll will know it is you each time. Stardoll has the right to hold you, the user, accountable for all your actions on this website. Users who create other dolls in order to break the rules may find that the consequences for their actions may include getting warnings at their main account or having their main account deleted.

As I understand it, Stardoll keeps records of your exact IP address every time you log in. An IP address indicates a general location but it can be used to find an exact location by an expert. In the case of a person committing a serious crime, Stardoll would turn the IP address info over to law enforcement on request, who would use that information. It is in the membership terms that Stardoll will release this kind of information to law enforcement if there is criminal activity. Everyone here agreed to these terms, and are legally bound to them whether they read them or not.


**Do not post links to any images. Stardoll staff is not going to go thru each one and figure out whether it is you or a kitty. The rule is simple. No links to images. If you want to stay on Stardoll, you must obey the rules.

Do not go to image links that other users post in discussions. It might be a kitty, or it might be a picture of something you would rather not see. There are certain people that enjoy making other people angry or shocked. Do not let them spoil your day.

I wanted to mention that all Superstars can post images in their starblog for a small fee. Stardoll checks these images to make sure they conform to the rules. This is a great way to share a photo of your kitty.


***Do not post links to videos. There is a very popular video site that does not control the content of videos or the comments made there. They even allow scammers to post videos about "cheats" that have allowed thieves to steal from Stardoll members. Again, when you go there following a link, you have no idea what kind of content that person is directing you to. And it is against the rules.


****Personal information like usernames on communication sites. You don't know who may see this information. Anyone can make a doll on Stardoll. And some people want your personal contact info. They can gain your confidence by posting their own information. This is an easy way to trick girls into revealing more information than is safe. On Stardoll, members cannot post photos of themselves, but on other sites, they can. This is not safe to let people you do not know in real life find out what you look like.


*****Chatrooms. You must wonder what motivates someone to want you to leave the safety of Stardoll to communicate with you.

There are a few members who show thoughtless disregard for the safety of the younger members just because they want to post whatever they want without having to obey Stardoll's rules.

Do not go offsite to chat or otherwise interact with anyone you meet on Stardoll. Stardoll has lots of tools for you to chat right online, and they are here to help you if there is a problem.

Stardoll's priority is the safety of the younger members. Stardoll interprets mentioning going to another website to establish communication a problem. You may not be breaking the rules literally, but Stardoll has the right to interpret posts in context. That is in the membership terms. Staff uses their judgement to interpret the intention and the risk value in each message, but sometimes they may err on the side of being more vigilant. And many parents would probably agree that is the safer way to err.

Stardoll has a commitment to safety. They will use all means, including deleting clubs to protect their members. Those members who insist on promoting risky behavior will be warned and deleted if they continue.


Hackers are getting more clever. They will try to steal your personal information by getting you to use a link.

Hackers put malware on your computer to steal your personal information. If you are using a Mac, make sure to install the latest security updates. If you have a PC, make sure you purchase well-known anti-virus and anti-malware software to protect yourself and run it.

Hackers also have a trick where they will have a message pop up saying you have a virus or malware and invite you to download a program to fix it. Never do that! When I see that I immediately unplug my computer! This is a trick to get you to download malware! Do not click anything. It might already be downloading, so turn off your computer right away and unplug your modem or router.

A final word of warning. Scammers are still preying on naive members at Stardoll. They trick members into giving them access to their accounts. Scammers steal accounts, stardollars and rares. And usually these scams start by tricking a doll to leave Stardoll by going to a link. Stardoll will restore a stolen account as long as the original owner supplies proof of ownership. But Stardoll does not return stolen virtual stuff. Watch out for Phishing sites and other scams.


  1. A question rises in my mind. Stardoll doesn't only post and exist on Stardoll, but also on FaceBook and Twitter, and we are all urged to follow them. When we do follow them, it is not with our dolls, but with the accont we have on the site, in most cases, with our real names.
    Why would Stardoll urge us to connect our very own personal facebook/twitter users, when they are so focused on keeping our identities secret to one another?
    Offcourse one doesn't have to let anyone know just which Stardoll user our FB/Twitter is connected to, but I see this a a massive gate-way for those who only wish to do harm, to gain contact with Stardoll users..

    Does all this make sense?

    - Ladydiver

    1. Good point. I am very concerned about this. I think Stardoll is wrong to push the Facebook/twitter connection to members.

    2. Another thing which I've noticed on Stardolls FB page is, that people trash-talk eachother and Stardoll does nothing about it.
      Offcourse they can't give warnings on Stardoll for things done on FB, but they could delete the not-so-nice messages. I've actully contacted them about this about a week ago (via but unfortunately I got no answer and nothing was done to the comments on FB :/

    3. Hello first of all CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!
      I have accounts Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc ... but none of these accounts are part of my private life, they use them only for Stardoll, I would never put my real name and ever. I am an adult, mother and wife, I have my private life. I only ask you not to leave this wonderful initiative! I am here for anything that I could give you a hand, do not hesitate to ask. Thank you!