Monday, September 20, 2010

Begging is not Pretty

Users do ugly things at Stardoll. Things that if their parents knew, they would be deeply humiliated. One of these is begging. 

There are many ways to beg. A lot of kids ask for gifts. I find someone asking me to spend real money on her account annoying. That is what members do when they ask me to make them a Superstar.

I also don't like the practice of asking a seller to lower prices. A seller tries to set reasonable prices in her bazaar. If you want what she has to sell, buy it. If you don't like her price, go elsewhere. But remember, it may take you more time than it is worth to save a few stardollars. 

Remember that Stardoll keeps a record of everything you do on the site. You may think chat, friend requests or dollmail are private. Nothing is private. And deleted items are still part of your record. Read the membership terms. If they investigate you, they will check it all. Big brother exists.