Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The fake Scuba Scam

Do you know right from wrong? It seems like some girls at Stardoll do not. Please read the following and decide for yourself.

Look at attached screenshot "Picture 10." Mant__* had posted in her guestbook in an exchange with SmileyDiva222:

"haha ;D yea one person have already sold 2 posters for 5OOsds :DD"

Mant__* seems delighted that other girls are selling her posters for that much money. Ask any girl on Stardoll if she would like to buy a wall panel with a Stardesign representation of a scuba dress for 500 stardollars. No girl that has been tricked into making that purchase is happy about it. The victims may have been too eager to believe their luck that they could get the highly coveted scuba dress at what seemed to be a great price, but no one wants to pay 500 stardollars for a wall panel.

This is the essence of the fraud. It seems that so far Stardoll has been unable to understand the difference between right and wrong in this case. And that is a shame.

Every girl who bought these panels wants her money back. If you asked them yourself they would tell you so. And they should get it. They did not break the rules. They were tricked.

This is how it was done. See screenshot "Picture 11." Each trickster displayed the stardesign art to look like it was an actual dress using a hanger and a white wall. At a glance it looked like she was selling a scuba dress. She set it up to look that way. Only if you go to her interior starbazaar, you will see that it is an interior item, and not a dress. The broadcasts can be directed to a doll's suite or to her starbazaar, and each scammer was careful to deliberately have the victims directed to her suite with the deceptive set-up. The broadcast did not say "Scuba artwork" or "Scuba poster" It said Scuba, and the girls that responded to the broadcast expected to find a dress.

Once at the suite, the victim simply clicked on the price tag to buy. She was probably hurrying because she wanted to get the "bargain" before someone else got it. Look at the screenshot I called "Suite purchase option box" that I took today. The design information does not appear on a stardesign item when it is clicked on in a suite. The victims did not get to see that it was designed by Mant__* all they saw was an image of the dress they wanted. Yes, there was some white background too, but Stardoll has been changing the look of a lot of features lately with no explanation, so you cannot say that that was adequate warning. It wasn't until after the girl opened the box in her suite that she would even know she had been tricked!

Some think it is okay for girls to outsmart the unwary. Thinking cleverly is exactly what scammers, con artists and tax cheats do. (And unprincipled internet corporations? Ha ha ha.) It is what cheaters do. It is one thing to use a person's brains to earn money, and quite another to use these talents to rip off children.

I think this is a conspiracy, and I am going after every participant. A conspiracy is an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act. It always surprises me how resistant Stardoll Support is to getting rid of scammers. Maybe they don't like me telling them what to do. They need to get over it. It's not personal, I'm just asking them to do what is right.

The lack of immediate and decisive action is only going to make things harder for Stardoll Support. They should realize by now that they ought to crack down at the first sign of a new scam, before there are hundreds of these schemes multiplying on the site.

Deleting Mant__* will send a message that no one is above the rules. She has had a very high position and status at Stardoll. But that does not give her the right to be part of a scheme to hurt others, and then laugh about it with her clever pals. It would be even better if Stardoll let people know why she is gone, because you can scare a lot of girls into acting better if one is taken down for her misdeeds. But I don't expect that they will make a public announcement.

I think they should trace each and every one of the posters Mant__* created and delete them. Deleting Mant__*'s account will prevent her from making more of them. Then Stardoll should reimburse the buyers/victims. 

I hope I have explained this well enough that you understand what is wrong.

UPDATE: cool2annie has been deleted. Now she is sorry. And she is lying to her friends. She knows she tricked others and broke Stardoll rules, but she hopes to manipulate her innocent friends into supporting her cause. Here are some screenshots of some of the things she did. I have more...


  1. Wow! What a horrible scam. I had no idea that girls were this scheming.

    MadRockaFox is a very good friend of mine, and she tells me that you are a very special friend. I see that you do not accept new friend requests, and I can certainly understand why. I would like to be friends with you as I am 57 years old, and retired due to chronic illness. But I am content to keep in touch with you via your guestbook on Stardoll.

    Keep up the great work. It's people like you that make Stardoll so much fun!

  2. Lol shes so smart

  3. Yet,
    People think Mant___*
    is a hero.

    hhmm think again

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  5. Great work! I'm not at all surprised at Stardoll's inability to see the difference between right & wrong here, since they are an unethical company on the whole and have no sense of such things. These scammers are devious thinkers, contriving ways to get deep into victim's pockets, and then laughing about it among themselves. I don't believe this is the kind of behavior that Stardoll would recognize as punishable though, since it's their very own model of doing business -- hook you and reel you in with false promises, and then deliver something other than what you think you paid for. It's classic sociopathic thinking and behavior by these individuals and by Stardoll.con... bad stuff. Thanks for the expose, I'm happy that you're here to call these people out on their douchebaggery.