Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scammers at YouTube

Watch out for these scams. These are screenshots I took at YouTube. These cheats and ones like it do not work. If you go looking to cheat the system, you are going to get cheated. Stardoll is hackproof. But you are not. Tricksters and con artists say anything to get you to give them your vital information. Information that they will use not to give you stuff, but to steal from you. These YouTube videos are there because they work. The people who posted them get to steal lots of cool stuff from suckers. Don't be one of them.

I have attached a few screenshots. This is a link to the most popular scam. Go and watch it if you like, but notice at the end she asks you to email you password and username to her. If she really could hack stardoll accounts, she would not need that info. She is a liar, scammer and thief.

So are the users in the screenshots below. Tell all your friends.

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  1. There is this vid on youtube where this girl says she can trick Stardoll into thinking she is staff and then she can do stuff like what you can do when you are staff. In the video she says email your pass and username and she will make you into staff. In the vid she puts the special code that tricks Stardoll. On the video it looks like it actually works. But it probably is a scam because she says it only works for superstars because she only wants to hack superstar accounts.